Mar 28 2010

Digital Story

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Create your own video slideshow at  This video was created as an experiment with Animoto.  I like the look, the sound and the ease of creation but the free version only allows for a 30 sec movie.  I need something longer for the story I want to tell.

My main motivation for wanting to create a story is that we often use multimedia productions during school assemblies to raise school spirit. We recently had such an assembly for the launch of the third Bear Hug Cancer Fundraiser. One of my students created the movie which inspired me to create my own production. This movie is meant to be a brief history of the Bear Hug. I hope to use it as an exemplar for what students in Marketing can produce as a promotional tool.

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I’ve had a few technical difficulties in creating this digital story.  Most of the problems are caused by my insistence on using software that is readily available to all our students.  I used Microsoft Movie Maker and then uploaded it to Youtube to make it available in this blog.  This is actually a technique I would use in my classroom as we would have no difficulty accessing these tools.  I have tried to use pictures that were already available in the media from previous newspaper articles or websites.  I don’t think anyone’s privacy is compromised.  The music was downloaded from a free site called ccmixter.  There is a wide collection of music available with only a commitment to mention the author.

Contrasting Movie Maker to Animoto, I think the latter is more professional and much easier and quicker to use.  However, I do like being able to make the transitions for the slides and adding text slides as I did in Movie Maker.  Perhaps Windows will create a newer version of Movie Maker where we can convert files more easily for uploading and sharing.

Coincidentally, the skating story was shot on the Rideau Canal this past February.  This will be the location of Bear Hug 3 in May 2010.

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