Graduate symposium on Exploring curriculum-as-plan and curriculum-as-lived

Alexis Gonzalez, Gerald Tembrevilla, Tsubasa Saito, and Elise (Ling-Hui) Chu organized an exciting, engaging symposium last week on “Exploring Curriculum-as-plan and Curriculum-as-lived in Science and Math Education.” The balance of theory and practice had us thinking and acting throughout out. I also really liked the balance of epistemologies and philosophies, including a very attentive engagement with the work of Ted Aoki.

As well, I would like to extend a heartfelt acknowledgement and appreciation for Prof. Keith Taber, who skyped in and talked with us from Cambridge, and to Prof. Anne Phelan, who interacted with us for the entire symposium and walked us through a really interesting essay by Aoki. Thank you!

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