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Graduate Symposium on Creating Space to Conceptualize Different Families

Matthew Isherwood and Naoki Takemura organized an extremely dynamic Symposium on Creating Space to Conceptualize Different Families last week. I really appreciated the depth of presentations and challenges to consider and celebrate different families & ways of conceptualizing mothers and fathers. As well, the audience members all deserve a raucous round of applause! Special thanks for arranging with Dr. Kedrick James to attend,  speak, and interact with us throughout!

601 Graduate Symposium, Wed Oct 5, 1:00


Wednesday, October 5, 2016
1:00-4:00         Scarfe 310

Lost in Queer
A Symposium on Queer Theory in Education: Pedagogy, Curriculum and Visual Art

Guest Speaker: Dr. William F. Pinar

Hector Gomez, Joanne Ursino, Kevin Day, Nicole Lee, Xinyan Fan


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