January 3: How to join the course WordPress site


How to join the EDST 403 Wordpress site:

Because we will be using blogs.ubc.ca/edst403 as the course site, I need you to join the site via WordPress. Below are some instructions on how to do this. These steps should take you less than 10 minutes; IF, after 10 minutes, you have not managed to successfully join the site, do not spend any more time trying–we can sort through any problems on January 9th.


Step 1. If you do not yet have a UBC Blogs account, sign up for one.
It’s easy, to do: go to blogs.ubc.ca and follow the instructions.

Step 2. Sign in to your UBC blogs account.
Once you are there, go to the top right hand side where it says “Howdy [your name]”. Click on the “Howdy” and go to “Edit Profile”–> then scroll to the “Name” section.

  • Please check that the name you have in the “display name publicly as” is something I will recognize.  If you are not comfortable with your name being displayed publicly, then please email me to let me know what name you have chosen.
  • Click Update Profile at the bottom of page.

Step 3. Go to blogs.ubc.ca/edst403. On the right hand side, you’ll see text that says “Contribute to the Course” Please add yourself by typing in the following password: 4xxxxxxx03 (see announcement sent via Connect on January 3, 2017). Press the “add me” button.

If you have any trouble with the above, you have the following choices: (1) ask a classmate for help or (2) contact UBC Blogs Support at: blog.support@ubc.ca or visit: https://blogs.ubc.ca/support/ or (3) wait until January 9th when I can help you in person.



Isabeau Iqbal, PhD
Instructor, EDST 403 (Education, Knowledge and Curriculum)
University of British Columbia
Faculty of Education
Course site: blogs.ubc.ca/edst403

web: isabeauiqbal.ca
twitter: @isabeauiqbal
phone: 604-827-0648
email: isabeau.iqbal@ubc.ca


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