A conversation with Ms. H

I learned from my friend Ms. H that many teachers are enjoying working with the new curriculum as it allows for more inquiry and following student interest rather than being confined to Prescribed Learning Outcomes. There seems to be more of a focus on the process of learning rather than simply learning specified content. The challenges are the adjustments that have to be made and also coming up with adequate resources. Teachers appreciate that the new curriculum is easy to navigate, particularly in its online format and also that there are many clarifications and definitions for anything that could be considered unclear. As experienced teachers adjust to the new curriculum, they will relay to parents that the changes are not happening overnight. They will also relay to the parents that the focus is on the student and promoting their development as a “whole learner” by building on skills for collaboration, critical thinking and communication.

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  1. Isabeau Iqbal says:

    I was interested to read about the appreciation teachers feel towards the online component.
    Indeed, the new curriculum (presumably) allows students to follow their interests. Have you seen that in your classroom? If implemented well, this is a very exciting element of the new curriculum.
    Thank you for your thoughts Anthony.

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