Peer Review Report

To: Adrienne Yap, ENGL 301 Teammate

From: Usman Zahoor, ENGL 301 Teammate

Date: Sept, 25, 2018

Subject: Peer Review of Definitions (Podplay)


Hi Adrienne, I reviewed your Definitions Assignment. I come from a science background and haven’t had a lot of exposure to the arts, so I found your term really interesting. I thought you did a great job organizing and explaining what Podplays are and I have a few suggestions:

Initial Impression: I did have to read the material through twice. However, I can conclude that after reading it thoroughly, there was enough information in the definition. This seems like quite an abstract concept, so I would even recommend adding a video that demonstrates the experience of a podplay.

Purpose: The purpose of the definition is clear. You’ve referenced the assignment’s requirements and thus, no suggestions are necessary.

Audience: Although I was not familiar with the term “Podplay”, the information presented seems legitimate. The merging of audio podplays and theater experiences seems like a very new, but natural progression of entertainment.

Suggestions: I think you did a great job of thoroughly explaining what a Podplay is. You really took the time to explain the process and how it operates, which is so crucial to understanding what it is. One problem area was within your expanded definition, within the last sentence of the last paragraph. You mentioned how listeners are meant to interact with their environment. I was exactly sure what that meant. Are they suppose to interact with strangers? Go in and out of buildings? Or just walk around that area? In terms of jargon, I had actually never heard of the term “Podplay” before this and I think you did a good job of unraveling what exactly it is.

Organization: The methods of expansion I could see were how does it work, what’s needed to make it occur, what is it not, and how is it used or applied? I think you chose the perfect methods to comprehensively explain Podplays. Each section does a really great job breaking down the term for someone who’s never heard it before. I also think it was nice to insert a visual of a route someone might actually take while listening to a podplay. It gave me an idea of what that experience would be like.

Final Impressions: I would just spend more time describing the whole concept of interactivity within a location because it wasn’t clear as to what listeners are supposed to do exactly. The most effective element of your assignment was the expanded definition section. You really flushed out how podplays work, and initially, that’s what I struggled with understanding the most.

Because of your definition I may even look into experiencing one of these Podplays myself. Good luck with all your future assignments and I hope my recommendations were helpful to you!



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