Formal Report Outline

Implementing Digital Price Tags to Reduce Paper Waste


A. Description of digital price tags

B. Background on paper price tags

C. Description of the problem

D. Purpose of the report

E. Scope fo the inquiry


A. Determine paper’s impact on the environment

      1. How it contributes to waste
      2. Energy it takes to print
      3. How it contributes to pollution

B. Determine exactly how much paper is wasted per store on printing price tags

      1. Per day and per month
      2. How much paper goes towards the actual price tags
      3. How long those price tags are actually displayed
      4. Turnover of price tags

C. Determine the problem’s impact on store employees

      1. How much time spent on the entire process
      2. How much that translates to financially

D. Suggested alternative: digital price tags

      1. Cost per store to implement
      2. Energy required
      3. How much paper would be saved
      4. How much employee time would be saved


A. Summary of findings

B. Recommended solution


A. Sources

B. Survey questions

C. Interview questions

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