2.3 Memo for formal report progress

To: Dr. Erika Paterson, ENGL 301 Instructor
From: Amy Vergouwen, ENGL 301 Student
Date. November 14, 2019
Subject: Progress Report Memo for Formal Report


The person most appropriate to be the audience of my formal report would be Heather Owens, the director of resident programs at Glenmore Lodge Care Community. She is the head of therapeutic recreation at the care facility and is involved with staffing.


The purpose of this report is to address the staffing shortages at the Glenmore Lodge Care Community. There is a significant lack of healthcare staff currently at the care facility, specifically nurses and care aides, so I hope to address this issue, investigate the reasons behind it, and try to find a solution.


The investigation into the lack of healthcare staff at the Glenmore Lodge Care Community is of great significance due to the fact that the wellbeing of the residents and other employees of the care facility could be greatly improved if a solution is determined. The report was not created in an attempt to solve all issues surrounding the staffing shortages at the care facility, but simply to provide suggestions that could be implemented in order to alleviate some of the issues currently being dealt with.

Research plan

  • Determine what the proper minimum number of healthcare staff is for long-term care facilities (specifically dementia care) within the literature
  • Determine when the decline in staff started at the care facility so research on the “why” of the staffing decline can start to come together
  • Determine the pay for nurses and healthcare aides at the care facility and research if other health settings (hospitals, mental health, etc.) pay more than long-term care
  • Distribute surveys to nurses, healthcare aides and recreation therapy staff
  • Have interview meeting with the director of resident programs to discuss her thoughts on the staffing shortage
  • Create graphs, visuals and excel sheets on the correlations between the staffing decline and the factors contributing to it (pay, difficulty of job, etc.)
  • Research solutions that are available in the literature for solving staffing shortages in healthcare (specifically senior’s facilities)
  • Compile all survey and interview data from care facility staff

Writing schedule

Writing surveys and interview questions: I will be writing the survey questions and the interview questions from November 11-12, as I plan on submitting this assignment on November 14

Literature review: I will start reviewing the literature from November 10-15 by using Google Scholar and the UBC Okanagan Library Summon function

Writing aspects that don’t require survey & interview data: From November 13-15 I will write the introduction and the remainder of the draft that does not require any literature review

Performing interviews and surveys: On November 18 & November 20 I will be spending a few hours at the care facility, reaching out to my manager and coworkers and asking questions and administering the surveys

Visuals (graphs, pictures, etc.): From November 21-30 I will be creating the visuals, while I am not working on the writing aspect of the report

Writing first draft: I plan to begin writing the first draft on November 22 and then by the 29, I will be finishing up

Peer review: I plan to perform the peer review of my partner’s report on December 2

Reworking draft: From December 2-15 I will be reworking my draft by using the comments from the peer review, in between the final exams I have

Final draft: I plan to complete the final draft and hand it on by December 17 or 18


Vergouwen 2.3 survey questions

Vergouwen 2.3 Interview questions



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  1. erikapaterson says:

    Hello Amy,

    Thank you for posting this Progress Report – this is well-organized and your surveys and interviews are ready to go – excellent, thank you. I look forward to learning more. Erika

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