Unit 2 Reflection – Brian Wang

Unit 2 Reflection

Reflect on the process of creating a LinkedIn profile. How do you feel about creating a professional social media network?

I created my LinkedIn profile a while back but have not updated it due to co-op and school. Now given the chance to look over my profile again, it was really helpful for me to update sections and identify area of improvement. I have updated my employment and awards section while coming up with a good summary section. My peer’s LinkedIn best practice was my starting point in improving my profile such as adding in more media and following company of interest. What I find most helpful was tips in crafting a personable summary. I utilized tips on picking an audience and writing something engaging. This was hard but after a couple versions I wrote something I am happy with. The summary is further refined with the help from Emily’s peer review which was really helpful.

Reflect on the process of brainstorming and preparing your report proposal and outline; how do you feel about your progress with the report?

I think I have gone a long way and done some good work. I have finished volunteering and after multiple conversation with Matt (whom I am interviewing) I think I will have quality and concrete data to write the report with. This will be a relevant report as an additional deliverable for my current job position. It almost serves as a summary of the main problems I faced and the plan moving forward. This will make passing on the project easier if I decide to take a gap year instead of keep working. I find the opportunity to create this report very fitting and grateful for the support I will receive from this course to make it happen!

Do you have questions about how your investigation is going to become a Formal Report — or, put more simply, with how this is all going to come together?

I don’t have burning questions thus far since I am fairly happy with the proposal outline. The glue that will hold this project together is addressing the variability in the current water monitoring system. This problem then breaks down into its two constituents, each body section, and then I will propose solutions to address these problems. As of right now, I think I have a good concept for a formal report. I cannot wait to see how it will unveil in the form of a final report.

Reflect on your peer review for your partner’s proposal; what did you learn?

From my peer review of Diane’s project proposal, I feel very inspired. I feel like there is a depth to her discipline of facilitation that I have not yet understand, she sounds like she is very good at what she is doing. So, from this experience I just feel inspired to be able to expand my perspective a little at how that is a certain “magic” in everything team that we are a part of. Be able to tap into that sounded like a very tough project.

And finally, reflect on the peer review process: what have you learned about your writing and reading by reviewing your team’s writing forum. How do you think peer reviewing has impacted your view of your writing?

I have learned about my weaknesses in my writing that were repeatedly pointed out by different members of my writing team. I feel very grateful to be pointed in a direction that I can improve, specifically my grammar. It turns out that through the peer review process, I can gain a lot more clarity in my writing if I improve my grammar. I noticed a big difference in the flow of the sentence before and after correction. Writing properly is very difficult compared to writing like how I speak.



Revised Report Proposal: ENG301_BrianWang_ResearchProposal_edited

URL to peer review: https://blogs.ubc.ca/engl301-99a-2019wa/2019/10/16/assn-2-1-proposal-peer-review-for-brian-wang/



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