Unit 2: Reflection

Hi Team 7,

Throughout unit 2, we explored through technical writing methods pertained towards formal letters and professional networking platforms in order to enhance our skills that goes beyond our personal professional growth. I have found the LinkedIn assignment to be very helpful, as it has guided me towards summarizing my education, work and volunteer experiences in an orderly and professional manner, thereby creating a professional portfolio has allowed me to reflect upon my intellectual skills and knowledge. LinkedIn has also creates a foundation of networking in the professional work, and provides a platform for easing job searching on the internet. 

In unit 2, we also learned the importance of writing formal reports, and how analyzing and collecting reliable data is crucial for synthesizing an efficient and effective report. I have appreciated the feedback from Eric on my formal report proposal, and will be using his feedback towards improving on my final report. Overall, unit 2 has provided some insightful writing techniques that have aided and impacted my writing skills towards both my LinkedIn profile that I will be using for the rest of my career going forward, as well as for the ability to write precise and information formal reports as it has been a requirement for my past position working for a crown corporation in British Columbia. 

 Link to peer review: https://blogs.ubc.ca/engl301-99a-2019wa/2019/10/16/peer-review-of-erfan-ahmeds-formal-report-proposal/

ENGL301 Formal Proposal – Erfan Ahmed


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