3.1 – Memo to Evan Crisp

To: Evan Crisp, UBC Student

From: Jobina Tamminga, ENGL 301 Student

Date: November 21, 2019

Subject: Best Writing Practices for Emailing Professors



Thank you for reaching out to ENGL 301 for advice. As requested, your writing has been reviewed. The following tips concerning your writing are focused on incorporating a You-Attitude, which will help you to sound more professional in your emails, including when writing to professors. Please take the following suggestions into account when drafting a new email.


  • Including a subject in the email that captures the professor’s attention. Using a subject such as “BIOL 123 Class registration” shows the professor what the email is about and how they should prioritize the email.
  • Addressing the professor in a friendly yet professional manner at the beginning of the email. Starting with “Hello Professor Lambert” shows the professor that you know who you are addressing.
  • Starting the email with who you are and why you are emailing. Without introducing yourself, the professor has to guess who is emailing them, and may convey annoyance.
  • Expressing interest in the professor’s class will make the professor more willing to enroll you in their class. The professor has most likely dedicated their career to the class topic and may be insulted if you show no interest.
  • Focusing on how this may benefit the professor may leave a better impression.
  • Expressing appreciation not annoyance at not being enrolled in the class yet.
  • Concluding the email with a respectful and fully written statement such as “Kind Regards”.
  • Refraining from asking for favours when you are the one asking the professor for a favour.
  • Signing the email with your full name and student number so that the professor has all of the information to enroll you in the class.


Incorporating a You-Attitude into the way that you write will improve your professional writing, including writing professional emails. These suggestions will help you to incorporate You-Attitude and hopefully have shown you the importance of presenting your writing professionally. If you have any questions about the suggestions above, feel free to contact me at jobina@live.ca. I wish you the best of luck getting into the course and in your future courses.

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