Memo to Evan Crisp


November 21, 2019

To: Evan Crisp, Student 

From: Cheryl Chao, student of English 301 class

Subject: Best Practices for Emailing Professors


Dear Evan,

Thank you for reaching to us. In regards to suggestions for emailing professors, below is a list of suggestions for you. Hopefully these suggestions will help you to receive a response from your professor.


Students following these guidelines will have a better chance of obtaining a seat in a course that’s already full:

  • Fill in the subject line with the main purpose of your email. An example would like “Additional Registration for ENGL ___ course”
  • Consider using a professional greeting and address the recipient of your email. An example “Dear Professor Lambert”
  • Include your name and student number at the beginning and end of the email 
  • Keep the email concise and eliminate unnecessary details unrelated to your purpose.
  • Ensure to proof read your emails to avoid spelling errors or extra spacing.
  • Keep a professional tone and phrase your request with a question rather than a statement.
  • Email replies may take a few business days and do not request for email replies immediately. 
  • Use proper email closers such as “Thanks” or “Looking forward to your reply”


When writing emails, always keep a professional tone and avoid using slang as it creates a casual tone. Also, as professors are busy, always keep emails as concise as possible and write your requests as questions. Hopefully, these suggestions are helpful for you. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact me at


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