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To: Evan Crisp, UBC Student

From: Erfan Ahmed, ENGL 301 Student

Date: November 22, 2019

Subject: Best Writing Etiquette for Emailing Professors

Hi Evan,

Thank you for reaching out to the English 301 class regarding the ‘writing writh you-attitude’ workshop. Attached below, you will find some helpful recommendations  on proper email etiquette and effective ways to communicate more efficiently. I hope the following suggestions will help enhance your writing in the future, both academically and professionally. 

Recommendations for writing emails to professors:

  • A great start to opening an email is by including a subject line, which summarizes your point and intention for the email. An example of this would be to state the course number and section in question, followed by a request type (i.e- Request to Register in ENGL 301 Section: 101)
  • It is important to be formal in your email – and this includes acknowledging your professor by their name and designation (i.e- such as Professor Lambert). 
  • Draft your email and read it over again, checking it over for any potential spelling and grammatical errors.
  • Organize your email into an introduction, body and closing. Your organization format should state your reason for contacting the person, detail the information you’re trying to convey and wrap up your email, including whether you will be contacting them in the future or if you’d like them to contact you (such as ‘I look forward to hearing from you very soon’). Please note that should be in a courteous and polite manner. 
  • Ending the email formally by signing your emails with a courteous sign off such as “sincerely” or “best”.
  • By concluding your email, it is a good idea to include information about yourself, such as your name and UBC student ID number

I hope the following suggestions will be helpful to you in writing emails to your professors and potential hiring managers in the future. Should you have any further questions or concerns, please don’t  hesitate to contact me at erfan@ualberta.ca. I wish you all the best for registering in the course and your future endeavours. 

Best regards,

Erfan Ahmed


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