Memorandum Demonstrating YOU Attitude

To: Evan Crisp

From: Usman Zahoor

Date: November, 22, 2019

Subject: Best writing practice for emailing professors

Dear Evan,

Thank you for reaching out to the ENGL 301 Technical Writing class. Here is a list of tips and tricks that are quite effective at garnering email responses:

  • Evaluating who is on the receiving end of a correspondence and adjusting the language accordingly
    • Using formal language rather than colloquial language is typically well received
  • Maintaining email etiquette, such as a concise subject line (with course number and intended topic of discussion), using a student email, and signing off with a full name and student number
  • Framing the email in terms of the reader by outlining how a request could benefit them
    • For example, expressing an interest in the course benefits professors by having engaged students
  • Using full sentences and words instead of slang
  • Proofreading emails for any typos or grammatical errors
  • Ending the email with a full name, student number, and formal closing salutation

These tips may be applied to any type of email correspondence. Applying the suggestions outlined above will result in emails that are professional and considerate of the reader. If you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact me at

Best Regards,

Usman Zahoor

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