Memorandum to Evan Crisp


To: Dr. Erika Paterson, Instructor of English 301
From: Amy Yung, Student of English 301, AY
Date: November 22, 2019
Subject: Best Practices for Emailing Professors


Here’s the memo you requested regarding some of the best practices when writing to a professor. These tips may be useful in getting a response from your professor.

Tips for writing an email to a professor

Effective emails to professors follow these guidelines:

  • Filling in the subject line regarding your question
  • Addressing professor by name
  • Refraining from using abbreviations
  • Ending email with a proper sign-off, full legal name and student number
  • Ensuring a respectful and formal tone throughout email
  • Remembering professors are very busy, so replies may take up to a week.
  • Keeping email concise and refraining from adding unnecessary information
  • Justifying request with reasons of academic nature


Knowing how to email professors in university is an essential tool. These tips can help us write formal and concise emails to professors to get help quickly as they are very busy. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact me at

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