Peer Review of Yury’s Memorandum

To:  Yury Zhuk, Team member

From:  Tarandeep Atwal, Team member

Date:  November 24, 2019

Subject:  Peer Review of Yury’s Memo to Evan Crisp


It was great to read over your memo to Evan Crisp on best practices for emailing professors.  Following are some suggestions that will make it all the more perfect.

First Impressions:

It is well written and highlights required information in a friendly and polite way following the guidelines of writing with You-Attitude.


There is enough information given clearly without the use of pronoun “you” in the body.  This makes a positive impression on the reader while building a goodwill.  Another important point to write in the recommendations is including only relevant information in the email.  Excess irrelevant information makes the reader confused.


It is well organized and uses point form for the recommendations in the body.

Tone and Writing Style:

The tone is professional yet friendly and writing style is clear and concise.

Grammar and Sentence Structure:

Only typo is noted twice with bullets slightly out of alignment.  Correcting it will make a remarkable difference in the appearance of the document.


Overall this memo is clear, to the point and meets the requirements of writing with reader’s attitude.


Thanks for writing a great memorandum.  These recommendations will ensure that substantivity of the content is maintained.  For any questions, please email me at

Memorandum — Writing with You Attitude


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