3.2 Formal Report Draft



To: Smells Like Spirit

From: Jobina Tamminga

Date: November 29, 2019

Subject: Formal Report Draft


Attached below is my formal report draft. My report includes the following sections:

  • a working title and title page
  • a table of contents
  • an introduction
  • the body of the report complete with appropriate headings and subheadings
  • four of the illustrations I plan to integrate into the text of the report, complete with the label I plan to use
  • in-text references in MLA style to any secondary sources I quote, paraphrase, or otherwise use in the report
  • my list of conclusions and recommendations

If you have any questions about the report feel free to send me a message at jobina@live.ca. I look forward to your feedback.


Enclosure: 301 Jobina Tamminga Formal Report Draft

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