Peer Review of Cheryl’s Formal Report

To: Cheryl Chao
From: Lisa Liang
Date: December 7, 2019
Subject: Peer Review of Formal Report

Hi Cheryl,

Your peer review for “Increasing Data Collection Accuracy at Fairview Behaviour Consulting Inc.” has been completed. The comments and suggestions below are separated by each section of your formal report. Your questions are welcome.

First Impressions:
Each section of the report is neatly categorized under appropriate headings and subheadings. The report has some inconsistencies formatting. Specifically, on page three where there are different font sizes for the same subsection. Some titles of graphs have bolded headings while others don’t and spacing between each graph vary from page between page nine and eleven. However, the incorporation of graphs and charts in between paragraphs makes it pleasing to read.

When writing formal reports, the reader’s time should always be considered in a sense that only relevant information to the reader are incorporated. As listed in the title page, the report is dedicated to Ms. Pun, so an introduction to her role at Fairview Behaviour Consulting Inc. should not be included. Instead of presenting information that Ms. Pun already have knowledge to, expand on the purpose of why the following information in the report will be relevant to Fairview Behaviour Consulting Inc. and Ms. Pun.

Data Analysis:
Incorporating colour through the use of graphs and charts are always helpful with guiding the reader through data analysis. You did a great job labeling appropriate titles and axis for each chart that has been incorporated. Labeling each graph with numbers are helping when it is being referred to in text, however, it is suggested that each graph should be accompanied with a figure caption. Labeling graphs with figure captions will allow readers understand the content of each graph even when the reader does not have time to go through the entire report.

Results from Interview:
Similar to the introduction, as Ms. Pun will be the dedicated reader of this report, any information that is regarding her role at Fairview Behaviour Consulting Inc. will not need to be included. Other than the introductory information, you have done a great job summarizing the interview with Ms. Pun in regards to her views and suggestions.

Relating recommendations to the results of surveys and interviews is an effective way of convincing readers to believe in the recommended solutions. Expected outcomes are clearly listed and convincing. The conclusion is well written and no changes are suggested for this section.

Grammar and Typos:
There are no major grammatical errors throughout this report. However, on page six, there is an incomplete sentence that is hard to understand. Reviewing and editing the sentence “This meant that the programs were more successful with certain BIs than others it is difficult to judge whether that program had been successful or moderations on the programs are needed” will help with reader’s understanding.

Overall, great job on your formal report. I enjoyed learning about the information you have presented and it was interesting to see the outcome of your research.

Link to Cheryl’s Formal Report Draft:

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