Peer Review of Lisa’s Formal Report Draft

To: Lisa Liang

From: Cheryl Chao

Date: December 10, 2019

Subject: Formal Report Peer Review 

Hi Lisa,

I have peer reviewed your formal report. Below are some comments and suggestions for each section of your report.

First Impressions:

The formal report is clearly sectioned with headings and subheadings. Each of the headings and subheadings are differentiated with bolding and different font size which makes it easier to navigate through the report. The report is also very detailed with graphs and explanations. The report is complete as it has a title page, table of contents, introduction, data analysis, conclusion and references. 


The introduction was clear and was strongly supported with statistics. It strengthened the purpose of your report with the statistics that have been integrated in the first paragraph. The introduction is well written and no suggestions are given, 

Data Analysis:

This section included a brief explanation of the demographics of survey participants. This is important as it shows background information for readers when reading the data analysis below. Each graph has icons that indicate what each color of the pie charts represent. However, the graph titles are the questions used in the survey. It would be improved if the questions were replaced with titles that show variable assessing and the responses. An example would be “How many calls do you take per day” be replaced with “ Number of Calls Managers Receive On a Daily Basis”. In addition, only pie graphs were used, however, for the first graph, perhaps a bar graph would be more suitable. This is because it is asking about the number of calls and a pie graph of 100% to less than 10 calls is a little misleading. Furthermore, figure numbers are needed to help readers differentiate between the number of graphs in your report. 


This section started with a summary of the results. The summary was clear and connects to the issue mentioned in the introduction. However, it may be more suitable to put this summary in the data analysis as it can better show why these results are important and how your data contributes to the issue and recommendations. The conclusion could still use one to two sentences to summarize the results again. The conclusion also included recommendations and expected outcomes which allows readers to better understand the impact and the reason for the chosen recommendations. 


The appendix is clearly labeled and shows other graphs that were not further discussed in the report. There are no suggestions for the appendix. 

Grammar and Typos:

This report does not have major grammatical errors. There was a typo in the third graph in the data analysis section. The question reads “ … calls being transferred you decreases the likelihood…”. There is an extra “you”  between “transferred” and “decreases”. 

Overall, this formal report was very well written and has a good cohesion throughout the report that stresses on the core issue of increased customer complaints. If you have any questions or comments, feel free to email me at

Link to Lisa’s Formal Report Draft:


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