Peer Review of Erfan’s Formal Report Draft

To: Erfan Ahmed

From: Jason Smith

Date: Dec 10, 2019

Subject: Peer Review of Formal Report Draft

Hi Erfan,

I fully reviewed your formal report draft and I am impressed. Below I have listed a few suggestions which may be helpful when you are making your formal report.

First Impressions:

In general you categorized your information very well. If I were a reader which was not educated in the environmental industry, your report would still be coherent towards any audience. As someone who is aware of the environmental issues occurring, I would say that your report has educated me a lot more this industry.


The introduction portrays how carbon emissions and waste are a major issue in our current society. Overall the statistics you provided and the background of Vancouver is in-line with the rest of your report. In section B since you mention that British Columbia accounts for X amount of greenhouse gas emissions, it may be more consistent to also mention the amount of food waste we contribute towards, or even better, the amount that metro Vancouver wastes as a whole.


I like that you presented data from our local transit system, but it may be interesting to see some data behind the food waste that occurs as well, considering this was mentioned in your introduction.


I notice that there is some inconsistency between your introduction and data, in your introduction you focus heavily on food waste and then you make a transition into the transit system. It might be better to keep consistency so that this flows better.


Your conclusion is missing.


Conclusively, you did a good job at portraying your data and the collection of data is very informative. However I find your report to be inconsistent with the goal you are trying to achieve. Hopefully this feedback will be beneficial for your finalized version. If you have any questions or concerns please feel free to reach out to me at


Best Regards,

Jason Smith

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