Peer review of Jason Smith’s formal report draft

To: Jason Smith 

From: Eric Chang 

Date: December 10, 2019

Subject: Peer review of Jason Smith’s formal report 


Hi Jason,


I have read and reviewed the draft of your formal report and it is overall extremely impressive. In fact I actually assumed that this was a final copy of the report due to how polished the report is. 


Here are a few points of guidance you may consider when editing your report. 


Title page 


Overall the title page is quite well done as it provides a majority of the necessarily information of the report as well as the fact that the design of the page is quite aesthetically pleasing. My only suggestion would be to include who specifically this report is addressing in your title page. 


Table of Contents


The table of contents is short and concise as it displays both the section name as well as the page number of each section. My only suggestion would be to break down a few of your sections further down into subsections as some of your sections are rather broad. 




The introduction of the report is extremely well done as you were able to communicate a large amount of information in an organized manner. From the introduction we were introduced to what kind of event nwHacks is, the importance of keeping participants engaged during the event, and how you plan on handling this problem.


Data Collection 


The use of multiple pie charts really stood out in the data collection section as having a visual version of the data made this section of the report extremely easy to understand. Also the use of lots of historical data made it easy for the reader to understand why student engagement is extremely important for the event for nwHacks.




The conclusion once again was extremely well written as you were able to tie together the important findings of the report in a well organized matter. My only suggestion would be to expand on the possible solutions to the problem as there was only one suggested solution in the conclusion section of the report. 


If you have any questions or regards on any of the comments I made please contact me at


Link to Jason Smith’s report:

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