Author: li han chang

Formal Report

To: Team 7 From: Eric Chang Date: December, 20, 2019 Subject: Formal Report Submission Hi Team, I have attached and submitted my formal report. I hope you guys all have had a wonderful semester and wish you guys a happy

Submission of Web-Folio

To: Team 7 From: Eric Chang Date: Dec 19th, 2019 Subject: Web Folio Hi team, I have now completed my web-folio assignment. It has been really fun working with you guys during the course and I wish you guys the

Peer Review of Jason’s Draft Application Package

To: Jason Smith From: Eric Chang Date: Dec 16th, 2019 Subject: Peer review of application package   Hi Jason, I have now completed reviewing your draft application package and I have to say it’s extremely impressive. With work experience from

Draft application package by Eric Chang

To: ENGL 301 Team 7 From: Eric Chang Date: Dec 15th 2019 Subject: Draft Application Package Hi team, I have created a draft application package as requested. Attached below is my job posting, resume and cover letter. If you have

Peer review of Jason Smith’s formal report draft

To: Jason Smith  From: Eric Chang  Date: December 10, 2019 Subject: Peer review of Jason Smith’s formal report    Hi Jason,   I have read and reviewed the draft of your formal report and it is overall extremely impressive. In

Formal Report Draft

To: Members of Team 7 From: Eric Chang, ENGL 301 Student Date: December 5, 2019 Subject: Formal Report Draft Below attached is my formal report draft. The report consists of: Title Page Table of Contents Introduction Data Section Relevant figures

Business Letter

Letter 1: Complaint to Deer Garden Signatures   Eric Chang 4900 Groat Avenue Richmond BC, V7E 5E3 November 26th, 2019   Deer Garden Signatures 8338 Capstan Way #1213, Richmond, BC V6X 4B5 Attention: Deer Garden management  Subject: Order mix up

Peer Review of Erfan Ahmed’s writing with you-attitude memo

To: Erfan Ahmed, ENGL 301 student From: Eric Chang, ENGL 301 student Date: Nov 25, 2019 Subject: Peer review of writing with you-attitude assignment   Hi Erfan, Attached below you will find my peer review of the email you sent

3.1 Memorandum to Evan Crips

To: Evan Crisp, UBC student  From: Eric Chang, ENGL 301 student Date: Nov 22, 2019 Subject: Best writing practices for emailing professors   Dear Evan,   Thank you for reaching out to ENGL 301 Technical writing class for advice. As


LinkedIn Unlike a lot of my peers, I did not have a LinkedIn account coming into university as I personally did not see the importance of a professional online social media account at that time. It wasn’t until working and


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