3.1 Memorandum to Evan Crips

To: Evan Crisp, UBC student 

From: Eric Chang, ENGL 301 student

Date: Nov 22, 2019

Subject: Best writing practices for emailing professors


Dear Evan,


Thank you for reaching out to ENGL 301 Technical writing class for advice. As requested your email now has been reviewed and a list of suggestions have been provided for you on how to create a more professional email when communicating with your professor. Please consider the following suggestions when drafting future emails.


  • Provide a subject line in the email to inform the professor of your intentions in sending this email. For example “ENGL 301 class registration”.
  • Address the professor in a professional manner at the start of the email. For example “Dear Professor” or “Hi professor” would all be suitable options.
  • Begin the email by stating your name and the reason for the email so the professor will know the purpose behind the email.
  •  Avoid using slang, abbreviations or incomplete sentences as it lowers the level of professionalism of the email.
  • Express interest in attending this course as this will make the professor more inclined to enroll you into class.
  • Avoid having a negative tone when writing the email as it makes the professor less inclined to want to aid you in any single way.
  • Proofread emails for any typos or grammatical errors.
  • End the email with a full name, student number, and a formal closing statement.


Revising this email and any future emails with these recommendations should aid you in creating formal and coherent emails for the future. If you have any more questions or concerns feel free to email me at eric.c1997@hotmail.com.


Best wishes,


Eric Chang 

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