3.1 – Memo to Evan Crisp



To: Evan Crisp. UBC Student

From: Ranjit Dhaliwal, ENGL 301 Student

Date: November 21, 2019

Subject: Best Practices for Writing Email Messages to Professors


As per your request, below is a list of suggestions and recommendations regarding the you-attitude way of writing. Following these suggestions will help you with your current email communication with your professor and for future correspondence.


  • Writing a short but clear and informative subject line will provide the professor with a description of the contents of the email and make it easier for future reference
  • Use a professional or academic email address (presentation is important)
  • Setup your email account to present your full name next to your email address
  • Addressing your email recipient by their tile and name will help convey professionalism
  • Always proofread you email for spelling and proper grammar before submission
  • Avoid using abbreviations and slang in your email which can cause confusion and convey unprofessionalism
  • The body of your email should detail your willingness to be flexible to any potential availability given the circumstances and shouldn’t detail how certain classes are too early
  • Don’t provide any unnecessary details about your extracurricular activities
  • End the email communication by thanking the professor for their time and how any help with the matter is appreciated
  • Provide a formal closer such as “Regards” and then your full name and student #, this will help the professor locate information or reference you if needed


Email communication has become one of the primary ways to contact professors. Following the above guidelines will help you communicate more effectively with your professors and convey the degree of professionalism and humility that is needed given your circumstances. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me at ranj.dhaliwal@alumni.ubc.ca.




Ranjit Dhaliwal

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