Application Package Peer Review

To: Emily Krisnamurti, ENGL 301 Student

From: Jenny Zhang, ENGL 301 Student, JZ

Date: December 15, 2019

Subject: Application Package Peer Review


Dear Emily, 

I have reviewed your draft application package. It looks like an internship you are suited for, and hopefully with a few edits you can submit a strong application. Overall the application package was detailed, organized and professional.

First Impressions

The application package was neat, organized, and concisely written to be relevant to the job posting.

Cover Letter: 

Your cover letter content is detailed. The skills and experiences highlighted in the cover letter are applicable to the job position. The tone is friendly and also shows eagerness to obtain this position. 

I suggest that instead using the word collab in the sentence “and encourage them to collab in a project”, the word collaborate instead. As the word collab is the shortened version collaborate and some may consider it a slang. 


Overall your resume is professional and detailed orientated. Your resume is well organized as a functional resume and have included all necessary headings, including contact information. The information provided on it is perfect for the position you’re applying for. 

I suggest incorporating the month, along with the year in which the job position started and ended, will help clarify the length of commitment in each position.

Reference Letters:

Your content of reference request shows your sincerity. The references you listed are professionals in their fields. This helps build credibility and reassurance for the selection committee. Overall, they were detailed, well organized and had great structure. 

One minor fix I will note is in your last reference letter, second paragraph, you have a grammatical mistake where you have written “I have learn so much about organization development” which should be “ I have learned so much about organization development”.


Overall, well done! I hope my suggestions can help you with your work. Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions via email at

Thank you.


Emily’s Draft Package

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