Web Folio – Janice Pang


To:            Pencil Pack, ENGL 301 Writing Team
From:       Janice Pang, Student, ENGL 301,
Date:        December 15, 2019
Subject:   Web Folio – Janice Pang

Please find the link to my Web Folio below:

Here are some important items included in the web folio:
Introduction – ENGL 301– summary of the course and first impressions
Biography – an introduction to my academic and professional interests
Blog – collection of reflections written following completion of each module of ENGL 301
Past Projects – outlines my research interests and past projects
LinkedIn – link to my LinkedIn profile
Application Package – my job application package for Amgen’s Senior Associate position
Résumé – online version of my résumé highlighting my research experiences and skills
Best Works – a collection of my best works including: definition assignment, formal report proposal and progress report, complaint and response letter, and peer reviews.

ENGL 301 was an excellent course for developing technical writing skills. Thank you all for the valuable feedback on all assignments. It has also been a pleasure reviewing your work and learning from you during this term. Best of luck in your future studies and career! I hope to keep in touch with everyone, please feel free to reach out to me at janice.pang@alumni.ubc.ca.

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