Peer Review of Tarandeep’s Application Package Draft


To: Tarandeep Atwal, ENGL301 Student

From: Priyanka Patel, ENGL301 Student

Date: December 15, 2019

Subject: Peer Review of Application Package Draft

Dear Tarandeep,

Thank you for sharing your application package draft with the team. I enjoyed reading through the draft and it was captivating to see your enthusiasm throughout your writing in the application package. Please see my feedback on the Application Package Draft.

Job Posting:

  • Great idea to include job posting with details such as responsibilities and qualifications required
  • Citation in MLA format is included

Cover Letter

  • Clearly identifies the purpose of writing with self identification
  • Related experience and qualifications included
  • Positively expresses enthusiasm and confidence while writing with YOU-attitude
  • Personal interest related to the job is mentioned


  • Career objective adjusted to the job requirement
  • Well organized with bold and bullet points
  • Relevant work and volunteer experience included in detail
  • Personal information such as awards, and skills emphasized

Reference Letters

  • Well written and professionally communicated with YOU-attitude
  • E-mail is brief and to the point


Application Package draft is professional and uses positive tone throughout the application.  There is great amount of detail in cover letter, resume and reference letters to get the message across. Content is clear, easy to follow and information is organized through bold subheadings and bullet points where applicable.

Grammar/ Spelling: 

There are no major grammar or spelling errors.

Concluding comments:

Overall, the application package is clear and written parallel to the guidelines of the assignment. I had a pleasure reviewing your assignment. Thank you and please contact me at if you have any questions.

Link to Tarandeep’s Application Package Draft 




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