Application Package Peer Review

To: Usman Zahoor

From: Adrienne Yap

Date: December, 16, 2019

Subject: Application Package Peer Review

Hi Usman!

I hope your break is going well! I had the chance to review your application and was so impressed! I thought your application showed a very educated, put-together individual. Your cover letter in particular was so informative and data-based, which seems like a great thing in your desired industry. My critique mainly focuses on the length of your resume; specifically, the length. 

Advertising Attachment

  • Clearly from a credible site
  • Includes a reference to the original source

Cover Letter

  • Includes detailed report of your abilities and experiences, without repeating what’s written on your resume
  • Including a call to action at the end of cover letters helps guide hiring managers with how they should contact the applicant next (include that they can reach you at an email or phone number)
  • The cover letter is slightly long. It may be good to cut down some paragraphs and leave some details for the resume. As hiring managers tend to skim through cover letters, keeping it short and sweet is highly recommended. 


  • Very detailed and impressive
  • Good grammar and appropriate headings
  • Some formatting errors: Irregular spacing and dates don’t seem to line up correctly

Reference Letters

  • All were very professional, but still personal
  • Well organized and grammatically sound
  • I like that you included and described how they were mentors to you


  • Everything was well organized with appropriate headings
  • Minor concerns were just the lack of white space in the cover letter and spacing issues in the resume

Overall, this is such a strong application! Your experience and knowledge within the company really gives you an edge over your competition. Everything was very professional and eloquent; I can see your scientific background peeking through here! My only comments are on things like formatting, which can be easily changed! I’m excited to see your entire application and think you’d be a great fit for the role. 

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