Peer Review of Amy Yung’s Application Package Draft

To: Amy Yung
From: Lisa Liang
Subject: Peer review of application package draft
Date: December 16, 2019

Hi Amy, peer review of your application package draft has been completed. The comments and suggestions below are separated by different components of your application package. Your questions are welcome.

Cover Letter Structure:
Correct format used for cover letter. Date and hiring company information are clearly stated on the top of cover letter, with appropriate closing statement. However, it is recommended to address the cover letter to a specific person rather than the general hiring manager.

Cover Letter Content:
Very strong opening for cover letter. Great job on stating the importance the job position as well as your potential role in the company right off the bat. Aside from indicating the experiences gained through school setting, the cover letter also points out work experience outside of school that will contribute to the assets. Closing statement is short and clear, but very broad. A recommendation would be to indicate a specific part or component of the company that you would like to learn more about in your closing statement.

Cover Letter Grammar/Typo:
Cover letter is very well written and self-edited. No grammatical errors or typos found. Great job!

Resume Structure:
Resume uses a simple and easy to read format. The resume consists of some inconsistency with spacing between the “technical skills” and “technical project” section. In addition, the resume consists of a lot bolded fonts. Consider the use of colour to highlight certain sections such as the contact information on the top of the resume.

Resume Content:
Resume showcases experiences gained from school and work very well. However, it is suggested that a section for interests and hobbies to be added at the end of the resume. You may want to consider removing the education section (as you already have it indicated on the top of the resume) and replace it with hobbies or volunteer involvement.

Resume Grammar/Typo:
Cover letter is very well written and self-edited. No grammatical errors or typos found. Great job!

Cover Letters:
Cover letters are well written with personized openings. Each cover letter consists of a brief summary of the experience/involvement which is helpful to remind the reference personnel. Each letter also links the job posting which will help when writing reference letters. Great job on the cover letters. No changes are necessary for this section.

Job Posting:
Job posting attached with correct file name and format. Job requirements and descriptions are clearly listed.

Link to Amy’s Application Package Draft:

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