Peer Review of Yury’s Application Package Draft

To: Yury Zhuk, ENGL301 Student

From: Tarandeep Atwal, ENGL 301 Student

Date: December 16, 2019

Subject: Peer Review of Application Package Draft 301-Yury-Zhuk-Job-Application-Package

Hi Yury,

I had pleasure reviewing the draft of your application package.  It is well written and with few suggestions stated below, it will be impeccable resulting in a stronger positive impression on the recruiter.

First impressions:  Well organized with every document following an order.  Clear and concise, captivating the readers.  The qualifications are well suited for the job requirement.  The cover letter and resume showcase the skills impressively.

Letter of Application:  Use of bullet form has organized and highlighted specific skills and qualifications to convey a professional persona to the prospective employer for serious consideration.  It will look more professional to mention where the job was advertised.  Minor grammatical corrections suggest single space after a comma and double space after a period and including period at the end of each sentence in bullet form.

Resume:  Great layout and organization, meets the guidelines set out in technical writing.  The work experience in the field shows a great potential.

Letters of Reference:  The letters requesting reference are directed to relevant professionals in the field.  Each letter demonstrates that the reference is not forced to serve as one.  The tone is both professional and friendly.  A typo is noted for correction in each letter, the third sentence of body paragraph reads,…attest to my quality of my work….,instead of …attest to the quality of my work.

Conclusion:  Overall, it is a well done application package that encompasses all the skills, qualifications  and work experience making you a strong contender for the job.  A few grammatical corrections will bring strength to the document that you have worked very hard for.

Kindly contact me at for any questions or concerns.  I wish you all the best!

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