Monthly Archives: March 2016

EOAS Science Education Initiative blog re-boot

Starting March 2016 we hope to re-invigorate more frequent postings of education enhancement activities and progress by delivering short blog posts about our work in Earth Ocean and Atmospheric Sciences as well as some of the “EOAS-SEI Times” 2-page guidelines or progress reports that were being delivered to our faculty for a number of years.

announcement: Education enhancement activities here in EOAS and across the Faculty of Science will be highlighted at the FoS Science Education Openhouse, April 11th, starting at 9:00 in the Earth Sciences Building attrium. Join us for short talks, posters from across the faculty, and interaction with friends and colleagues who are developing and/or researching education in UBC’s faculty of science.

Now, here is a list of current education improvement activities in Earth Ocean and Atmospheric Sciences. Future blog posts and Times articles will focus on specifics from these projects. Click the “readmore” tag here to see details.

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