Recent updates – July, 2017

Several updates to note covering progress over the last few months:

  • Pointers in menus and posts were recently added to identify current research and development in EOAS’s Science Education Initiative group. See in particular the new “Initiatives” menu.
  • There is also a new “Times” 2-pager on Grading Exams. See the EOAS-SEI Times menu.
  • If you have questions or thoughts about this blog or EOAS science education projects let us know. An email to will get sent to who ever is most qualified to address it.
  • One more education initiative not yet reported upon in this blog is the UCA-UBC Curriculum Development partnership. This is an exciting new project to develop a complete, new, 22 course B.Sc. degree program in Earth and Environmental Sciences, for the University of Central Asia. The work is being coordinated out of EOAS in collaboration with Dep’t Geography. Details with links to descriptions, objectives and collaborators are provided in a separate blog at

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