Paired Teaching for transfer of evidence-based pedagogy: How does it work, and what have we learned in EOAS so far?

Two page PDF of Vol 9, issue 1 of EOAS-SEI Times: EOSSEITimes_9.01-pairedteaching-th.

What is the Paired Teaching Project in EOAS?
Since 2007, multiple courses in EOAS have been “transformed” through CWSEI to incorporate best practices in teaching. Now, in 2016, with support from John and Deb Harris, the Faculty of Science, and the Department (EOAS), we are investigating the potential of a paired teaching model to achieve transfer of these practices to instructors who have not been a part of a course transformation team. We started this project in Fall 2014.

This complete two-page EOAS-Times can be seen with figures and glorious colour by opening or downloading this PDF file here: EOSSEITimes_9.01-pairedteaching-th.

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