New publication on CWSEI impact assessment

The second of two CWSEI Impact assessment papers has now been published. This pair of articles summarizes results of using several instruments to independently assess the impact of CWSEI-funded improvements on 54 courses in our Department (Earth, Ocean and Atmospheric Sciences). The two papers are cited here:

  • Part 1 is Jones, F. “Impact Assessment of a Department-Wide Science Education Initiative Using Students’ Perceptions of Teaching and Learning Experiences.” Assessment & Evaluation in Higher Education 42, no. 5 (July 4, 2017): 772–87. doi:10.1080/02602938.2016.1188057.
  • Part 2 is Jones, F. “Comparing student, instructor, classroom and institutional data to evaluate a seven-year department-wide science education initiative“, also published in Assessment & Evaluation in Higher Education, and available online at . The PDF there is fine but they screwed up Table 4 in the HTML version. It will end up on paper in Assessment & Evaluation in Higher Ed. like Part 1, probably in late spring 2018.

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