Online activities: examples

This is a list of learning activities developed during the EOAS Flexible Learning Project between May 2014 and May 2016.

Learning Activities
Used in Links to examples and virtual resources
1. Stratigraphy active reading sequence, deployed as 5 of the 18 pages for Lesson 1 in “Time, Rocks, and Stratigraphy“. Includes reference to Visible Geology (see item 12 below). eosc326 Stratigraphy introduction
Stratigraphic Principles
– Siccar Point: first & second.
Unconformities. Follow-up questions are posed as a Connect (i.e. Blackboard 9.x) Quiz.
2. Relative dating lab. eosc326 Examples only; this exercise is now deployed fully within Connect with both sketch tasks on one page. This is done using <iframe> tags, with code for sketching on a page residing on the EOAS department’s server.
sketch task 1 and – sketch task 2.
3. Trilobite / Graptolite lab resources. Links to the left include only the virtual specimens, NOT the worksheets and instructions. eosc326 Find fossil specimens using the dropdown list that appears top left of the image when your mouse is over the figure. Students encounter these tasks and instructions with worksheets all within the Connect (i.e. Blackboard 9.x) .
Virtual lab space with access to 16 virtual fossil specimens.
Sketch task with outdated instructions.
4. Burgess Shale lab eosc326 Here is the “paper-based” worksheet: BurgessActivity-instructions. Students complete this along, then finish by entering data and answering questions using Connect (i.e. Blackboard 9.x). Resources are at the Royal Ontario Museum Burgess Shale online database.
5. Coast fossils active reading sequence. eosc326 – The 8-page active sequence.
– Follow up quiz is done within Connect (i.e. Blackboard 9.x).
6. Paleoclimate active reading sequence. eosc116 Start of 8-pg active reading sequence.
7. Paleogeography activity eosc116 Worksheet using given image resources, followed by data entry using a quiz-like format. Delivered entirely within Connect (i.e. Blackboard 9.x).
8. Paleobiogeography activity eosc116 Worksheet using short readings, followed by data entry using a quiz-like format. Delivered entirely within Connect (i.e. Blackboard 9.x).
9. Mineral identification exercise using virtual PME museum resources. eosc118 Mineral ID exercise including links to high resolution, zooming or rotating virtual museum.
10. Two precious gem sketch-based homework activities eosc118 Beryl crystal structure interpretations.
Emerald mine geological interpretation.
11. Two mining tonnage sketch-based graph interpretation activities eosc118 Tonnage grade exercise 1.
Tonnage-Grade #2 – “Current Mining Data”.
12. 3D geological thinking: a Visible Geology exercise for first year students eosc110 Details in a blog post from May 2016, including links to the exercise itself and questions posed.