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Goldschmidt 2014 – How Learning Works: Useful Techniques for Future Teachers

On June 9th Brett Gilley, with help from James Scoates, Diane Hanano, Anaïs Fourny, Elliott Skierszkan, Carol Cheyne, and Gregor Lucic, delivered a workshop titled “How Learning Works: Useful Techniques for Future Teachers.” In this interactive workshop about 80 participants got a grounding in research based teaching techniques

Slides and handouts from the presentation are below:
Techniques for Future Teachers Sacramento
Handouts for How People learn Jigsaw

At the session there were several excellent questions and not enough time to explore them properly. One in particular I’d like to revisit. How do develop these teaching skills at my campus? The answer is not to hire consultants. There are people at your institutions who have this expertise. You need to find them. A good place to start is your teaching and learning centre. There are also like minded people at every conference you visit. Finally there is lots of good information online. I’ve collected a few good sites below to help you start your search:  – The main page for our project in Earth Ocean and Atmospheric Science at UBC  – The main page for the Carl Wieman Science Education Initiative – lots of useful resources. – A collection of two page newsletters on a variety of teaching topics. – Our new video page (includes some information on how to set up two stage exams)
Two Stage Exams – A collection of two stage exam resources