Sketch demo

Label specimen ages and sketch chronostratigraphy on geologic sections

NOTE: This sketching exercise is “experimental”. The sketch widget appears below instructions.


  1. Use “stroke” button to pick a text color, then use “text” button to add your name to the top right corner (follow directions under image when “text” button is selected).
  2. Use “text” button to add abbreviations for Location Ages in the boxes. Two are done for you as examples.
  3. Use “stroke” button to pick a different color (eg red).
  4. Use “pencil” button to draw your interpretation of all chronostratigraphic lines across the three sections. These are lines that span all geological columns indicating the boundaries between rocks of distinct ages, for example the boundary between Ordovician and Silurian rocks.
  5. Save your result: Click “Export as PNG button (under tools). This puts your result in a new browser tab. Then use your browser to “Save as” or “Save Image As”. PLEASE name this file using your name: eg. “JaneDoe.png”. Do NOT change the “png” part. Finally, upload your image to the Course CONNECT site as instructed in the CONNECT question.