Fall graduation is just around the corner and we are sending a call out to help with the ceremonies in Vancouver. Graduation will take place between November 27-29.

The job is simple and is a great opportunity for you to connect with students and participate in an exciting and important UBC event. You will be helping us to hand the student’s their diplomas before they go to their ceremony, held in the Chan Centre for the Performing Arts. Starting this Fall, the distribution venue has changed for us and you will be helping out at Thea’s Lounge.

We will need 2 volunteers for each ceremony and the time commitment is only about 60 to 90 minutes.

How it works:

  1. Sign up to volunteer at the link below.
  2. Put the date and time in your calendar.
  3. Show up on time at Thea’s Lounge, on the 2nd floor of Thea Koerner House, at the time noted in the Doodle. (Take note veteran volunteers, this is a change from previous ceremonies.)
  4. You’ll be helping hand out the diplomas to students as they arrive.
  5. When the diplomas have all been given out, you’re free to head back to your office.

To sign up please visit the Doodle poll in the link below:


The signup deadline is Friday, November 1st.

The ceremony schedule can be found at the following link: https://graduation.ubc.ca/schedule/

Thanks to all who are able to help out!