February is Move Month at UBC! Share how you build movement and/or exercise into your workday at home and at the office for a chance to win prizes including Hydroflasks, resistance bands, and more! A minimum of three prizes will be awarded to staff from each campus.

Get Moving!

Posted on behalf of Move UBC

This February, explore ways to fit physical activity into your day (wherever you are) during Move UBC Month! Small changes can add up to big impacts—moving more can help improve mental health and resilience, boost your creativity and productivity, improve your sleep, and even help our planet! 

When it comes to movement, it all adds up and every step, squat, and stretch counts. If you don’t have the time, opportunity, or ability to commit to a vigorous exercise routine, look for opportunities for small but meaningful moments to move throughout the day. Routine rituals in your daily life count towards a healthy 24 hours, including walks to the bus, gardening, taking the stairs, and household chores. Breaking up bouts of sedentary behaviour is key to keeping yourself healthy! 

Check out the Move UBC event calendar for lots of great ways to get moving in ways that are empowering, comfortable, and motivating for you. Learn more at move.ubc.ca.

Cross-Campus Events & Initiatives

  • Move UBC Challenge  | the month of February
    • Join us this February for a 28-day challenge that encourages you to explore and reflect on various aspects of physical activity and wellbeing while uncovering ways to fit movement into your day. This challenge will lead you through the 24-hour movement guidelines, important factors that contribute to your overall health, and more. Learn more here.  
  • ClassPass Promotion | the month of February
    • Looking for off-campus opportunities? Now is the perfect time to try something new and different with a discounted rate to ClassPass for students, faculty, and staff. Learn more here.
  • Research Roundtable: Physical Activity & Climate Action  |  Feb 18 from 12-1:30pm, Zoom
    • Celebrate Move UBC and Climate Emergency Week at this year’s research roundtable discussing the intersections of physical activity, climate action, and social justice. Learn about current research and discuss how we can action this research on our campus. Register to attend. 

UBC Vancouver Events & Initiatives

UBC Okanagan Events & Initiatives