EDCP 474

Design and pedagogy in Digital Media require specialized knowledge, which include digital design, graphic design, instructional design, and coding or computational thinking. First, there is a challenge of skills necessary to teach and manage advanced courses in media and technology, including, in the schools, computer-aided design (CAD), coding and computer science, digital animation, game design, graphic technology, modelling, video, and visualization. Second, there is the challenge of pedagogy to inspire students beyond functional and technical aspects of digital media. This course provides an in-depth experience for students and teachers who teach, or want to teach, digital media. It provides a background for designing digital media along with an overview of principles and processes of coding, instructional design (ID), graphic design, and technology. Students are given ample opportunity to assess and apply principles of ID through the design of digital learning resources or systems and learning objects. The history, philosophy, and criticism of digital media are addressed.