EDCP 371

Design & Technology (Across the Curriculum)

This course provides educators with fundamentals for teaching design and technology at elementary (K-5) and middle (6-8) school levels. Our Summer 2014 session includes make and share activities with iPads, cameras, and robots for teachers and learners. Along with hands-on activities and skills, we will examine benefits and problems associated with design and technology in the school curriculum. This overview involves: developing an online collection of instructional strategies for social media; analyzing design processes and pedagogies; and creating technology-supported learning environments.

This course is designed to provoke critical understanding of our complex relationships to teaching and learning with/against technology (both digital and non-digital) from cultural, personal, and cognitive perspectives. Four main themes will be explored: 1) understanding technology as a process, an artifact, and an environment that we are part of; 2) thinking about identity and how it is both shaped by and shaping technology; 3) investigating the use of technology in educational settings across the curriculum; and 4) examining the dynamic relationships between technology, teaching, and learning.


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