EDCP 575

Media Education

This course focuses on understanding media and associated freedoms of expression and the press for learning, teaching, and public pedagogy. Media studies is a dynamic discipline tailored to exploring a range of concepts, techniques, or themes. In addition to understanding media and the process of meaning-making, media studies also focuses on making and managing media across formats, creative expression, and civic engagement. Making minimal distinction among (the) media of, on, and in education, the course provides a survey of media studies and new media with an emphasis on media education and literacy. Media education and literacy are among the most relevant challenges to “official” knowledge and represent key movements in the sociology of curriculum. Hence, this course balances practice with ethical, legal, and theoretical aspects and emphasizes the design of curriculum and courses for teaching media studies and for integrating media literacy across the curriculum. This year’s section of EDCP 575 emphasizes interpretation and focuses on media by and for children and youth relevant to Black Lives Matter, ecomedia / climate change, Indigeneity, peace, sex-uality, mental health, algorithmic culture, & economic conditions.

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