EduFire Critique

EduFire’s elevator pitch grabs the perspective client’s attention right away by creating two scenarios one for perspective students and one for perspective employees. At first glance, the concept of EduFire seemed relatively clear and concise as the company provides one-on-one training through live video learning. However, when I looked at the pitch for a second time I was left with a lot of unanswered questions, such as:

  • If EduFire is expanding to launch virtual classrooms, does this not take away from the concept of one-on-one training? If so, how would EduFire be different from other online learning centers?
  • What exactly is EduFire’s role in the students’ learning process? Do they provide instructors with programs to help them create content for their courses? Do they connect students and instructors?
  • When taking a cut from the instructors is it because EduFire helps create the courses or do they just provide a place for the instructors to host their course?
  • Finally, who is the team behind EduFire and what are their credentials?

Since this was the elevator pitch, maybe these questions would be answered in their venture pitch. As an EVA, I am not sure if I would invest in EduFire.

Posted in: Week 03: Analyst Bootcamp