The elevator pitch didn’t i…

The elevator pitch didn’t include a clear pain point but did purport to have “built the open market place for live video learning.” Sites like YouTube, Vimeo and Teachertube offer similar services but there is no built in method to control and monetize content views. Perhaps, this is what is attempting.

If so, the biggest obstacle will be competition from accredited tertiary institutions that offer bona fide experts and recognized accreditation upon course completion. Competition would also come from professional development and accreditation programs organized by the professional community in which the client operates.

I would expect, therefore, that would focus on three tangential markets: informal business-related training (e.g., ‘how to start a successful business’), hobby/leisure activities (e.g., oil painting, scrapbooking, photography techniques), and extra tutoring for students (e.g., calculus, accounting) already enrolled in tertiary education.

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