Evernote Critique

Although I am aware that this is an elevator pitch there are a few issues that I need to address before I would consider investing in this product. The idea is good. It makes excellent use of cloud storage and internet access to provide what in theory is an excellent product. I do not believe that the price system is realistic. Without advertising I do not see how a free storage service could possibly be profitable, especially if the paid subscription is only 5 dollars per month. How many servers does it need? How  much is the software and maintenance of the service? Bandwith? I am not sure if this is financially feasible.

As a venture capatilist I am still intrigued by the idea but would it act as a modern revolutionized PDA or will this simply be another fad that doesn’t work properly because of cumbersome software? Without smartphone support this product is useless to me and most businesses. The CEO of Evernote certainly seems confident, and provides an excellent knowledgeable pitch. In my opinion he is the best asset of the pitch. The presentation is concise and does leave me wanted to hear more, as long as my previously written concerns are addressed.



Posted in: Week 03: Analyst Bootcamp