Evernote, eduFire, and DuckDuckGo


The pitch was presented in a clear and confident way. As he spoke I discovered a hole in his idea, and I was ready to dismiss him, but he quickly comforted me with valuable information. He did, however, lack a clear “Ask.” What does he want or need? Everything already sounds finished, so how can I help enhance it?



The pitch was also presented in a clear and confident way, but with more enthusiasm. Unlike the Evernote pitch, the business process, past and future, was clearly outlined. I understond what the next step was, and how I can be a part of it. “We can take a cut!”



The pitch appeared amature and too relaxed. I found his idea unrelaistic from the start and by the end he provided no comforting information to change my mind. Example, if their search engine did become very popular, how could they possibly support all of the traffic with the human workers? He was also unclear with how investiment money would be spent and how the profits would come out.



Posted in: Week 03: Analyst Bootcamp