Quality Education for Free ?


Site: http://www.khanacademy.org

The Khan Academy is a non-profit organization. Its goal is to provide world-class education to anyone anywhere for free.

There are  2,680 micro lectures (as of September 2011) via video tutorials stored on YouTube teaching mathematics, history, finance, physics, chemistry, biology, astronomy, economics and computer science.

How did it all begin?

          He learned about his cousin’s math trouble and decided to tutor her remotely. It was a success. Eventually, he was approached by several family members and friends.

What is the long-term goal for the Khan Academy?

“I see Khan Academy becoming the world’s first free, world-class virtual school where anyone can learn anything–for free. The videos are just part of the vision. We are building out the adaptive software to cover all the topics that the videos cover. We also intend to develop simulation games to give more nuanced and applied understanding of concepts.” (Sal Khan)

What makes Sal Khan different?

  • He is passionate about teaching.
  • He sees the importance of education.
  • He is a well-rounded person.
  • He is compassionate.

What makes the Academy interesting besides the courses?


To see the complete list of the team, visit  Khan Academy’s Team members.

Another person to note is the President and COO of the academy, Shantanu. He is in-charge of the overall organizational strategy, partnerships, and operations. Before joining Khan Academy, he was an Associate Principal in McKinsey & Company’s Silicon Valley office, and received four degrees from MIT.

After reading through the profile of the other members, I was impressed, not only with their skills, but also with their dedication/commitment to offer free education to anyone anywhere in the world.

The following are the things I would like to learn from the Academy:

  • how to develop adaptive software
  • how to do strategic positioning
  • what are the pitfalls encountered in the academy and how to deal with them
  • how to manage a non-profit organization with highly skilled team members





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