The Venture: GoKn…

The Venture:

GoKnow Mobile Learning is a $20 million dollar software company that utilizes smartphones and other portable devices geared for k-12 educational purposes-school work (GoKnow). It allows students and teachers to engage in classroom assignments through the use of their mobile phones, as well as provides 1-1 computing. It also provides the necessary software and curriculum to help teachers with teach their subject areas. This company states that by using this company it will, “energize students to engage with the curriculum, achieve higher academic goals, and prepare for the 21st century global marketplace” (GoKnow). GoKnow, provides educational tools through student’s mobile devices and allows students to complete projects, presentations, excel programs or writing notes, and believes that this will prepare students for the competitive workforce.

The Founders and Team:

Goknow was founded by two leaders, Dr. Elliot Soloway and Dr. Cathleen Norris, and are accompanied with their highly educated team of industry experts.

Dr. Elliot Soloway is a co-founder and chief executive officer of GoKnow and has been in the educational technology field for more than 29 years. He has his M.S and Ph. D. degrees in Computer and Information Science, from the University of Massachusetts. His research interests are in education and developing software for educational purposes. Along with GoKnow, he is also a cofounder of HI-CE (the Center for highly Interactive Computing in Education) (UofM).

Dr. Cathleen Norris is a co-founder of GoKnow and served 14 years as a high school mathematics and computer science teacher. Before becoming a co-founder GoKnow, Dr. Cathleen served as the president of the International Society for Technology in Education and was also the president of the National Educational Computer Association. Dr. Norris holds a Ph. D. in Computer Science, which was obtained from the University of North Texas, where she current works as a professor in the Department of Technology and Cognition. (GoKnow)

The Team: The GoKnow team is comprised of industry experts who help pave the way for students to become more engaged in classroom lessons, through their mobile device. (GoKnow)

Additional Information:

  • As of 2009, GoKnow had sold 40,000 units of software for mobile devices worldwide at $30 per student Sarah A. Rigg. 2009)
  • Soloway was quoted say, “with 55 million students in k-12, there is an enormous market” (Sarah A. Rigg. 2009)
  • Partnerships:
    • Verizon Wireless
    • Sprint
    • Improves Test Scores
    • Differentiated Lessons

My Thoughts:

As a fairly new Entrepreneur I am very indecisive about this new technology software. While I highly recommend the two founders for their expertise and ideas, I am not sure the educational environments are ready for this kind of technology. As I think in terms of a teacher, I believe that implementing this mobile device software into classrooms, it would essentially decrease students learning and attention. I am also not sure that this software would in any way change the way students learn or compare to other technologies that are currently in place. I also believe that this device my take away from student interaction and their overall learning. However, I do believe this company has a great vision and may have more use outside of the classroom. I for one would have loved this software in University: virtually allowing me to complete my projects and assignments with the use of -I would love insights on what everyone is thinking!

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