Shevy Levy – Founder and CEO of Lambda Solutions

Founder-leader name:  Shevy Levy

Venture Name:  Lambda Solutions



Description of venture:  Lambda solutions provide online course development services.  They also assist clients with developing materials for the Moodle LMS and Mahara e-portfolio platforms.  They are endorsed as an official partner for Moodle and Mahara.  Their main focus is to create effective e-Learning solutions for small and large organizations using their specialized Rapid Course Development Model.  They have a variety of clients withinCanadaand all over the world (Lambda solutions, 2011).

Shevy Levy’s Bio:  Prior to founding this company, she has worked with a variety of different eLearning systems throughout her career.  She was a lead researcher for SumTotal Systems’ click2learn.  She also has some management training as she was the VP for Training and development at TELES Training Inc. (Lambda solutions, 2011).  From her background it looks like she not only has practical experience with working with eLearning systems but she also has experience doing research.  Her research and practical experience probably helped her immensely when she was forming her own company.  She would have known not only how to create good systems, but would have had the experience to see if their approaches were effective or not.  The Management Team for Lambda solutions have a mix of technical and business skills, which would be needed in a venture such as this.  They have people who have the expertise to appropriate program and create the systems and people to effectively manage and market their services.

 As I am just starting out in this field it feels like I have a long way to go.  I feel that I really need to have good practical experience to make it as an entrepreneur in this field.  In addition, I see that when selecting a team for this type of endeavor, it is important to get a good mix of business and technical skills.  You need good people to

  • create and execute good ideas
  • sell and market your services
  • run your company well.


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