Welcome to W4: a Bootcamp for Entrepreneurs

Happy Monday, everyone –

Your insights and interactions regarding the various pitches last week were on target.  Thanks.  I trust the exercise was useful in getting you to assume the mindset of an analyst and investor.  Being an “angel” investor myself, I can affirm that the activity becomes much more focused when it is your own money and business savvy people are looking for!  I hope many of you seek the chance to do this yourselves (as an angel, partner, or “friends and family” investor).  The statistics are that well less than 10% of ventures ever return money to their investors, and less than 1% make a big return, so it’s useful to have a healthy respect for the risk that investors are taking.

But this week we’re looking at what it takes to be the biggest risk-taker: the entrepreneur, intrapreneur and innovator.  For any of you that have started or run a business, you’ll know that the personal burden on time, relationships, etc, is usually greater than the money. Yet people still do it, for lots of great reasons.   This week will allow you to explore and reflect on this, and perhaps discover more of the entrepreneur in yourself!

Have fun,



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